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Pricing for White/Black/ Simple Color Background Photography

Minimum order: $170

2-4 photos         $35 per photo

5-9 photos         $29 per photo

10-19 photos     $22 per photo

20-49 photos     $18 per photo

50-99 photos     $15 per photo

100+ photos      $12 per photo

Pricing applies only for white, grey or single background color photos!Product max. size: 3 feet in length. For heavy and oversized as well as extremely small items, an extra charge will apply.

  • High resolution 3000 x 3000 px jpeg photo at 300 DPI.
  • Pure white background with bottom shadow or reflection by request.
  • Basic photo editing to remove dust, scratches and minor defects.
  • Instant online delivery and free image storage.
  • Royalty-free unlimited use license.

Pricing for Hero shots








Hero shots are  $99/photo with a minimum of $180!  

Hero shots are high quality 8256 x 5504px (before crop), 46 mega pixels, 300dpi images for high resolution prints and crystal clear presentation of your primary product shot. All hero shots include transparencies so it can be easily incorporated in different designs (advertising, etc.) and an  arrangement of up to 5 products in one single shot with extensive touch up (products have to be in a linear line up). 

Invisible Mannequin for Clothes

Pricing starts at $80/photo.

Some clothing items just look better on a body. In order to save you costs we offer a male and female ghost mannequin.

On request we can also edit real model’s face and limbs in to add more realism and potentially save you some money.


Shoulder: 16”

Bust: 33.5″

Waist: 26″


Arm length: 25.5”


Shoulder: 22”

Bust: 40.5″

Waist: 31″


Arm length: 25.5”

Pricing for Lifestyle Photography

Photos start at  $250/photo!  

This affordable way of lifestyle photography refers to smaller sets which normally fit on a table top. Special props are charged extra or can be supplied by the client. If we can use props already in the inventory we will use them for no additional charge.

Custom Lifestyle Product Photography/ Lookbook

A custom lifestyle product photoshoot is anything beyond the scope of a simple in studio setup. That can include elaborate prop intense arrangements, human models, green screen, outside locations and specific studio requirements to mention a few.

The pricing is assessed on a per case scenario since every shoot is different. After talking to you we will come up with the most price efficient solution to fit your budget. 

Affordable Lifestyle Product Stock Photo Compilations 

Pricing starts at $310/photo.

In many cases we can simulate a live environment in the studio via green screen and stock photos to provide a cheaper option and create a wider variety of settings. This requires a lot more editing but in most cases it is cheaper than props and settings might end up costing. Please contact us to discuss options.

Product Video Presentation 

Pricing starts at $60/video!

Sometimes you need to see the product as close to reality as possible and short product videos can help dramatically in putting your item ahead. Besides the shooting of the product and editing of the video we also offer a turntable able to handle up to 120lbs.

Product Video: Green Screen and/or Info Commercial

Pricing starts at $150/video!

We offer green screen recording for taping or live  product shows in a Studio or on location. Additionally we can record audio with a Speaker on or off the screen. We are fully equipped to record live shows with up to 3 cameras in full HD perfect for social media in any format including Instagram style.